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Ch. Courland On Bluebeary Hill, CD ROM
10/30/95 to 1/26/01
Waiting patiently at Rainbow Bridge
We Love You, Storm!

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Last updated 1/15/02

On January 26, 2001, we lost our Storm to a kidney disease (glomerulonephritis).  It is genetic, although we can't find any other cases in closely related dogs.  Storm was never bred.

I plan to add information on this disease to this page in the future.  In the mean time, if your dog has greatly increased volume of urination, please ask for a blood test for albumin levels.

If there is any consolation in losing your best friend, I can say that he never seemed to suffer, and went quickly.  He was our life since the day we got him.  We will always love and miss him.

Judy and I want to thank all of you for your wonderful cards and messages expressing your condolences.  It really helps to know that others understand the great loss.

Others who have recently lost their best friend may want to visit  Pet Loss Grief Support Website .

Getting another dog after losing yours is always a bittersweet experience.  You can never replace a dog like Storm, but we know that he would want us to give our love to a new puppy. Visit Dylan's page.


This picture of Storm was taken in the parking lot at the Lewiston, Idaho show site, after getting his CD.  It is one of my favorites because it is a candid shot, and really captures Storm's look.


Register of Merit 

At the San Diego Doberman Pinscher Club of America's 2000 National Specialty, Storm was announced as the first Blue Doberman in the history of the breed to achieve a ROM (Register of Merit).

To earn a ROM, a Doberman must be an AKC champion, pass the WAC test, an earn one of the following titles: AKC obedience, agility, tracking, flyball, herding or schutzhund.

Storm earned his CD (AKC obedience title) in two weekends of shows.   He earned his last leg in Lewiston, Idaho on April 22, 2000.

Storm earned his WAC (Working Aptitude Certificate, a temperament test administered by the Doberman Pinscher Club of America) at the Sacramento Nationals on October 12, 1998.

Best of Breed

Storm took Best of Breed at the Longview-Kelso Kennel Club show in Longview, WA, on October 10, 1998.

Those interested in blue and fawn Dobermans are invited to join a blue Doberman owners' group!

Click here  for more information.

You'll find a message board and live chat room!  You can post messages to other blue and fawn owners, or chat with them, real time.  You don't even have to own a blue or fawn Doberman to join.

There's no cost or obligation.  The only requirement is that you register as a "club member" with yahoo.com so that you can access the "club."

Hope to see you there!

A picture of Storm taken in Sacramento while at the 1998 DPCA National:

Picture of Storm

Above picture, Copyright 1998, Cheri McNealy.  Do not reproduce without permission from both Cheri and me.

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Show Pictures

Note:  These pictures are in thumbnail format.

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April 22, 2000 -- Second Leg of CD, Palouse Hills Dog Fanciers, Lewiston, Idaho (click on picture to enlarge):


March 26, 2000 -- First Leg of CD, Peninsula Dog Fanciers, Bremerton, Washington:

October 10, 1998 -- Best of Breed, Longview - Kelso Kennel Club, Longview WA:

June 26, 1998 -- Best Opposite Sex, Bell Vernon Kennel Club, Mount Vernon, WA (no picture, due to rain).

June 7, 1998 -- Best Opposite Sex, Tacoma Kennel Club, Puyallup, WA:

June 6, 1998 -- NEW CHAMPION!!! Best of Winners - Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers, Puyallup, WA:

May 25, 1998 -- Best of Winners, Best Opposite Sex, Coeur d'Alene Dog Fanciers, Coeur d'Alene, ID (no picture, due to the driving rain).

May 23, 1998 -- Winner's Dog, Best Opposite Sex, Spokane Kennel Club, Spokane, WA:

April 19, 1998 -- Best of Winner's, Best Opposite Sex, Lewis-Clark Kennel Club, Lewiston, ID:

April 18, 1998 -- Winner's Dog, Best Opposite Sex, Palouse Hills Dog Fanciers, Lewiston, ID:

April 12, 1998 -- Winner's Dog, Best Opposite Sex, Ephrata-Moses Lake Kennel Club, Moses Lake, WA:

August 16, 1997 -- Best of Winners, a 4 pt. Major.   Olympic Kennel Club, Enumclaw, WA.  Storm now has both his majors!!!

August 10, 1997 -- Best of Winners, a Major!  Nisqually Kennel Club, Lacey, WA:

June 8, 1997 -- Reserve Winner's Dog at Tacoma Kennel Club, Puyallup, WA, a major reserve:

May 25, 1997 -- Winner's Dog, Best Opposite Sex at Inland Empire Kennel Association, Spokane, WA. Storm's first point!:

February 23, 1997 -- Reserve Winner's Dog at Seattle Kennel Club, Seattle, WA, a major reserve:

August 11, 1996 -- First Place, 9-12 class, at Nisqually Kennel Club, Lacey, WA:

June 29, 1996 -- First Place, 6-9 class, at Bell Bernaon Kennel Association, Mr. Vernon, WA:

May 5, 1996 -- First Place, 6-9 class, at Olympia Dog Fanciers Association, Elma, WA.   Storm's first blue ribbon!:

A picture of Storm taken in Minneapolis while at the 1996 Nationals:

Picture of Storm

Other Pictures

Hunting Ants!Picture of Storm

Killing the Giant Green Snake!Picture of Storm

Judy and Storm

(Storm is standing funny, but I still like the picture.)

Picture of Storm

First Time on an Agility CoursePicture of Storm

Storm and ElainePicture of Storm

StormPicture of Storm

Puppy Pictures of Storm

Pictures are in thumbnail format.

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Storm as a puppy--Yes, he fell asleep like this!!!Puppy Picture

Storm's first handling class (20 weeks old)Picture of Storm

Storm's first fun matchPicture of Storm

"Okay, I'm down. Now give me that cookie!"Picture of Storm

Too interested in playing to be properly stackedPicture of Storm

Sitting in the kitchen, looking at a cookiePicture of Storm

Resting with his teddy bearPicture of Storm

New Year's Day "Party Hat," his first night homePicture of Storm after driving all the way from the Bay Area to Seattle

Storm's "Daddy"

Here's a picture Basteque, Ch. Carosel Make My Day, WAC. Storm was Basteque's 46th champion, and his second blue.   Two of of Storm's littermates are included in the 46!   He is proudly owned and loved by Carol and Ross Petruzzo.
Picture of Storm's daddy

Photo credit: Copyright, Jordan Goldblatt (kendallk9@aol.com). Do not reproduce without permission.

I have had many requests for information about the special care and supplements that I give Storm because he is a blue Doberman.

Follow this link for information on blue Dobermans, CDA and Storm's regimen.

If you own a Doberman, you should be on Doberworld-l. It is a mailing list with over 500 members from around the world. You will meet pet owners, responsible breeders, show/obedience/agility people and rescue people, just to name a few. If you are interested, please visit the link below:

Click here to learn how to join Doberworld-l

The Doberman FAQ's

Doberworld Links--The "mother of all" Doberman links page!

In Memory of...

Many of us have lost our beloved companions recently.

Follow this link to a special memorial to Wakonda, a blue Doberman.

Garfield (1979-1996)

Garfield was rescued by my mother from a parking lot when he was a kitten. He was good friends with ALL of my Dobermans, starting with Echo.

Garfield lived with us for over 16 years. He left us on September 12, 1996 after a long fight with diabetes and liver problems. Storm was very good with Garfield and checked on him constantly when he was sick. Garfield will be missed by all who knew him, including Storm.

Garfield and Jake as a puppy (1981):


Garfield and Storm (1996):

Our Dobermans before Storm--patiently waiting at Rainbow Bridge

Shadow (1988-1995):

Picture of Shadow

Jake (1981-1988):

Picture of Jake

Echo (1971-1981):

Picture of Echo

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