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Liberator's Tangled Up In Blue

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Dylan at one hour old!:



At three weeks of age:

Dylan at four weeks:


With a littermate and the kitty (who doesn't look especially thrilled):



http://www.seattle-attorney.com/dylan/Seven weeks old:



Eight weeks old



Nine weeks old



Ten weeks old



Right before his flight from Toronto to Vancouver:


Photo Credits, Copyright information:  No duplication without permission of the copyright holder.  All above photos are © 2001 Pat Blenkey (Dylan's breeder) of Wrath-Liberator Dobermans.  All below photos are © 2001 Jim Anable.  Unless otherwise noted, all text and html are © 2001 Jim Anable.

Dylan is home!

Eleven Weeks

It's been a long trip from Toronto.
Do you think you could hurry up with that dinner?


That's better!


Dylan discovers the toy box:


I've eaten, I've played.  Now it's time to sleep:


The next day, resting on the couch:


Exploring the yard:


Looking for just the right rock to put in my mouth:


Dylan's trip to the pet store at Easter
"You can keep the ears, but I'll take the cookies:"

12 Weeks


Dylan's cousin, Elaine Hopper's new girl:




Dylan's first blue ribbon

More pictures will be added when we get home from picking him up, and the site will grow as Dylan grows!  As I add pictures, older ones will be converted to thumbnail format.

Much more information will follow.  Keep checking back for updates.

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